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Personal Training
The courses below fall into two distinct categories. Specialised security applies to those wishing to follow a career in the Close Protection industry, or upgrade their present CP skills. The Personal Interest section is intended for individuals wishing to experience a new challenge in life, taking them out of their usual lifestyle and surroundings for a weekend. 


Qualification courses
  1. HSE First Aid at Work – to include bespoke topics specific to the CPO
  2. Professional Close Protection Officer – Advanced Diploma BTEC Level 3
  3. BTEC certificate in Close Protection Operations (SIA licence qualification course) Level 3
  4. Live Firing for the Close Protection Officer (run at our ranges in Sweden)
  5. Physical restraint practice - BTEC Intermediate Award Level 2
  6. Combatives for the Close Protection Officer – WAKO GB approved:
  7. Passenger & Crew Protection Officer – Advanced BTEC Certificate Level 3
  8. Special Response Team Diver
Survival Skills
  1. Combat Survival 
    Foundation Skills 
    Escape and Evasion Skills
  2. Anti Hijacking Techniques & Conduct after Capture
  3. Survival at Sea
First Aid
  1. First Aid at Work – HSE Approved
  2. Additional Skills: 
    Bag valve mask 
    oro and naso pharyngeal airways 
    oxygen therapy 
    automatic defibrillation
  1. Urban Safety Seminar
  2. The Safe Traveller
  3. Kidnap Awareness
  4. Personal Protection Plan
  5. Lone worker – security
  6. Unarmed combat & self defence 
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